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Iconset Kit

for macOS

Natively made in Swift, Iconset Kit is a smart AppIconset generator tool for all icon resolutions and screen sizes for macOS, iOS and watchOS app development, in 3 easy steps. Select deployment platform, choose your image and save the Iconset Kit. Iconset Kit will generate your app icons in miliseconds. Download now for free from the App Store.


iconset kit app logo


for macOS

One smart app which will let you show or hide protected system files and file extensions, change the default screenshot file name, disable or enable shadow effect for screenshots and change screenshot file extension. Furthermore, now you can set translucency for hidden open app icon in the Dock and disable or enable the Gatekeeper.

Available soon

Design for mobile and web applications, iOS and macOS software development

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You say you have a great idea. That's good, we all have. Now tell me more about it, that's why I'm here. You tell me what you think and I'll create something amazing for you.

From your idea I'll go above and beyound and I'll lead you to a new destination using the latest technologies and trends, so the final product will be just top notch.

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