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iOS apps

Native apps for iOS, made for privacy

Hands Off

Stay off the grid and keep your data private and secure. Hands Off is a privacy mobile app for your iPhone to store, protect and manage personal or sensitive data, in a secure and easy way using Face ID, Touch ID, Passcode or Encripted keychain access. Store and manage important info such as web addresses, contacts, pictures, notes and reminders, and keep your data protected and available only within the app.

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Available soon for iOS

See Net

See all the hidden info behind your network connection on your iPhone and your iPad. Now you can see more info details about your ISP, info for a host name so you can see the host name address, info for a host address so you can see the associated IP's. Also you can see your Local IP and your Public IP, your approximate geographic coordinates for a current location, and the network interfaces on your device.

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Download from App Store

macOS apps

Smart apps for macOS, made for creativity

iconset kit app for macos icon

Iconset Kit

Smart AppIconset generator tool for macOS, iOS and watchOS app development, in 3 easy steps.

Select deployment platform, choose your image, save the Iconset Kit. Simple and easy.

Free download for macOS 10.11+

Download Iconset Kit

iconset kit image for macos
Iconset for macOS
iconset kit image for ios
Iconset for iOS
iconset kit image for watchos
Iconset for watchOS

Smart Tools

Try Smart app for macOS. This app will let you show or hide protected system files and file extensions, change the default screenshot file name, disable or enable shadow effect for screenshots and change screenshot file extension. Furthermore, now you can set translucency for hidden open app icon in the Dock and disable or enable the Gatekeeper.

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Available soon for macOS


With the help of this app, you can choose a color from a variety of color palettes and styles, and give a unique identity to your design. You can use flat colors, material colors, web safe colors, choose a color palette or you can simply choose any kind of color using the color picker. Choose your color and start creating amazing mockups and layouts for web projects.

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Available for macOS and Windows

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